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In Bridgehampton, Has GapKids Slayed The Staples Dragon?

According to the last published reports, office supply megastore Staples was bullying its way into Bridgehampton Commons by displacing Ann Taylor, the Retreat Boutique and a defiant GapKids, whose employees countered that they weren't going anywhere. While Ann Taylor laid down like the sensible lady she is, a recent visit to the center revealed both the Retreat Boutique and GapKids going about business as usual. Add a "For Lease" sign spotted in the former Ann Taylor space and we're starting to wonder: If a Staples arrival is imminent, why would Kimco Realty advertise the space as available? Not exactly a smoking gun, but could we be witnessing a Staples removal? Pure speculation on our part of course, but something to ponder in the crisp winter air. We'll be on the lookout for any changes. Meanwhile, drop us a line if you know something we don't.

Bridgehampton Commons

2044 Montauk Highway, New York, NY 11932

Bridgehampton Commons

2044 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY