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Tory! Tory! Tory! Designer Burch Bags $32.5 Million Estate

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Fashion designer Tory Burch has wrapped up her purchase of the former Howard Gittis estate on Ox Pasture Road in Southampton, according to Page Six. Originally built in 1915, the recently restored country home boasts 18,000 square feet spread over 12 bedrooms, 12 full and 3 half baths, with indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court, spa, and greenhouse on 9+ acres in the Estate Section (translation: not on the ocean). Combined with a neighbor's $6 million pick-up of the property's carriage house, the closing numbers, while blowing away anything seen around these parts in a while, reveal a $7 million chop off the last list price of $45 million. A steal!

· Tory Burch Buys $32.5M Estate [PageSix]

UPDATE: Oops. Looks like we got our mega-estates on Ox Pasture Road mixed up. What you see is not the new Tory Burch/former Gittis property. This is. No excuses. We'll do better.