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NY Times Resto-Blogger Fries Over The Fear Of Fish

Upstart restauranteur Bruce Buschel wants you to eat fish. Seriously. One fish, two fish, monkfish, blowfish—any fish is okay with him. "I want to specialize in fish. Think about fish, live with fish, swim with fish, celebrate fish, save fish, kill fish," proclaims the amateur Ahab.

Yep, in his latest blog entry, the Times blogger bemoans the lack of a decent seafood restaurant in the Hamptons and declares his goal to single-handedly cure the East End's ichthyophobia. His message: Fear not the mercury and lead, resist your carnivorous urges, and eat some damn fish! It's fresh, local and could even save your soul, according to this bit of divine fishmongering: "Monkfish balls and handmade strozzapreti — priest chokers — is a religious experience."

With balls like that, we're not betting against him.
· All We Are Saying Is Give Pesce a Chance [NY Times]