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Crazed Resto-Blogger Makes A List, And We Check It Twice

Less than three months away from the launch of his Bridgehampton restaurant, NYTimes resto-blogger Bruce Buschel has come up with a punchlist of things he needs to accomplish before the doors open. Not nearly as controversial as his last list, the resolutions include such restaurant-related tasks as "Hire a great chef, " "Design menu," and "Drink more beer," along with a few personal items sprinkled throughout like:

· Go to the movies with lovely wife. Buy tub of popcorn. Sit wherever she likes.
· Join a gym. Go to gym.
· Stop watching Bosley Hair Restoration infomercials late at night.

While the list is quite exhaustive/exhausting, our scavenging in the dumpster behind the construction site yielded a list of to-dos that didn't make the busy blogger's final cut:
Rejected Resto-Blogger Resolutions

· Clone self in attempt to increase productivity.

· Come up with list of "100 Things A Clone Should Never Do." Wait for public uproar.

· Teach clone to write blog posts for NYTimes. Spend extra free time drinking beer.

· Give Montauk Monster an extreme makeover. Transform him/her/it into family-friendly mascot for restaurant, like Charlie the Tuna or the Taco Bell Chihuahua.

· Recruit Hamptons neighbor/80's music icon (male or female) to play impromptu gig at restaurant. If that fails, charge $12 for guacamole.

· If this guy calls asking to partner up, let it go to voicemail.

· Destroy clone after it violates one of my commandments.

· Select table linens.

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