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MYC Makeover Not Done, Condos Proposed for Star Island

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And the revamping continues! Per the Press, the Montauk Yacht Club has filed an application to build 48,000 square feet of condos on Star Island, adjacent to the Carl Fisher-designed main hotel. The East Hampton Town planning board discussed the proposed 48 units at a meeting last week, fielding questions from neighbors concerned about everything from the use of the property to the size of the proposed parking lot - 'I don't want it to look like a Wal-Mart,' said one opponent.

The MYC plans to create the condo cluster in most likely the final step of its renovation under new ownership, following this year's grand reopening of the hotel. The units would be both residences and a part of the resort, greatly increasing the number of guests staying on the property at any given time. The Concerned Citizens of Montauk are, of course, concerned about sewer overflow, but most on the planning board are looking at the historical value of Star Island. The land is now home to the yacht club, 'the Caleb Bragg estate, which was also built in the 1920s, and became the home of the Florence Ziegfeld of Ziegfeld Follies fame, and an old Coast Guard station'. Approval is far off, but the general consensus is that the vacant 5.86 acres will be developed sometime in the near future.
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