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Weekend at Bernie's: Updates on the Madoff's Montauk Sale

1) Nick Leighton takes his own tour of Bernie's former pad. The findings: Good water pressure, a Sunset Boulevard staircase and the general loudness of the all too close waves of the Atlantic. Watch and learn. [Plum TV]

2) Following the lead of the U.S. Marshals and their insistence on getting the most money possible for Madoff's victims, listing brokers Raymond and Joan Hegner and Corcoran have agreed to donate their commissions to the cause. Ponzi scheme-inspired benevolence all around. Not to mention, the Hegners couldn't ask for more press than this little house has given them. [Real LI]
3) The flood of interested parties didn't stop at last week's two early offers on the house. Through the weekend, the home was seen by twelve prospective buyers, all of whom had to show proof of financial viability. Per the Marshals, the pressure is on to sell the home as quickly as possible, and for the highest price. [TRD via CNNMoney]
4) The Sunday style section rounds up the latest Old Montauk Highway news, noting that the property has benefitted from lots of publicity, (thanks to last week's U.S. Marshal-given tour) and will be a mortgage-less sale. The government accepts cash only on this one. After the wagering by outside brokers and comments on the relative size of the home, the Times notes that not all Hamptonites care about this deal. A few Westchester teens stopped by curious about all of the fuss, and admitted they had never heard of Bernie Madoff. Their excuse: 'We’re on vacation'. Indeed. [NYT]