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RackedHampton: Montauk Sidewalk Sale Still Decision-less

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A small war has been brewing in Montauk over the possibility of a sidewalk sale this Saturday and Sunday to boost the local economy. It is still a possibility. The eleventh hour decision will come tomorrow at 10am, when East Hampton Town board members vote on a resolution suspending laws against outdoor displays one-time only. The Montauk Chamber of Commerce believes that the sale will help retailers hurt by this summer's generally poor weather and help advertise end-of-season sales, while the Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee feels the proposal is 'too Coney Island'. Quoth one member: 'Honky-tonk is honky-tonk however one slices it'. So, maybe mark your calendars. There might be a sale in downtown Montauk this weekend. Then again, there might not.
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