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It Happened One Weekend: The Cirque Wasn't Sublime, More!

1) The 'Cirque' wasn't so sublime at the Montauk Yacht Club this weekend, where the 'erotic' dance spectacular was cancelled. Still waiting to hear about the cause, but we're sure there were some wholly depressed fire-eaters yesterday morning. [Twitter/BlogHamptons]

2) Sex and the Cirty 2 continued filming on Coopers Beach over the weekend. According to reports from the scene, hundreds of extras were on the shore (along with a couple of Mercedes on a flatbed), but the stars were nowhere to be found. Rumors swirled that they were filming in a nearby private home, in a residence scripted to be an inn in Connecticut. [SH Press; BlogHampton]
3) The third annual Hamptons Marathon ran through Springs on Saturday, just about five weeks before the big show in New York. The winners: Oz Pearlman, finishing in 2:39:24 and Jessica Allen in 2:56:14. [SH Press]