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'Harassed' Developers Want $30M in Sag Harbor Condo Suit

The continuing Ferry Road CondoWar in Sag Harbor began a new battle last week with the filing of a $30 million lawsuit against the village. East End Ventures, the developer behind the luxury condo/dock project that fell victim to a newly-installed planning code, believes Sag Harbor officials have behaved in a 'pattern of harassment and discrimination'. The suit was expected, since the August planning board decision did not sit well with EEV. Oddly enough, the developers don't believe that the condo plans were the only thing the village had against them.

In the suit, East End Ventures paints a portrait of a village, several board members and consultants opposed to the plan from its inception, and cites developer Michael Maidan, which the suit specifically notes is a Russian Jewish immigrant, as one “whose outside manner and presentation were clearly at odds with that of community members.” One must wonder about the nature of these presentation skills. Of course, officials named in the suit call it 'baseless' and 'without merit'. A 'failed investment' trying to hold on. The usual. The Express spoke to Maureen Liccione, the village's attorney, who said she believed that the case would be dismissed before a trial following a similar suit was thrown out in Westhampton Beach. Shame, we were hoping to see some of that 'outside manner' in the courtroom.
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