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Pre-Destructoporn: Two Old Southampton Homes May Go

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Two historic Southampton homes with some of the village's most expensive addresses may be demolished by separate owners in the near future. The Architectural Review Board will debate the proposals for homes on Gin Lane and First Neck Lane early next week. The Gin Lane home, an 1,800 square foot carriage house named Tide's End, stands on an oceanfront property owned by the family of Grenville Kane Walker. Walker built the carriage house as a part of a larger estate in 1916, but the main house was washed away in the Hurricane of 1938. Walker's daughter now handles the property and said all of the 'architectural characteristics of the house' went with the hurricane as well. According to the Southampton Village Review blog, the property has been on the market for sometime and the owners believe it will sell without a house.

At 465 and 467 First Neck Lane, owner Donald Calder is looking to demolish a home he recently relocated to one of the lots in order to build a new structure at number 465. The historic house now sitting at 467 First Neck Lane (with another house) was built sometime after 1926, but has become infested with termites and is 'financially impractical' to repair, according to Calder. Of the two homes at number 467, and one must go and the owner hopes that the older home will get the boot.
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