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EaterHampton: Sweet Smell of Reality at Copa Tapas Bar

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A surprisingly positive review of Bridgehampton's Copa appears in this week's Star, perhaps hinting that the complaints dept. regular is getting its act together. The tapas bar's 'friendly atmosphere' and 'tasty' foodstuffs are praised, but reviewer reveals an unusual dining woe.

At this point in our meal, we were about to enjoy a splendid bottle of Castillo Ygay Rioja when there was a big hubbub at the table next to ours. One of the "Real" Housewives of New York was escorted to the neighboring table with an entourage of peculiar gents with peculiar hairdos and a flurry of Copa staffers fluttering around to assist them. The buzz of moderate celebrity was in the air. Unfortunately, it was accompanied by a cloud of the most ghastly perfume or cologne we had ever had the displeasure to inhale. Trust me, folks, nothing ruins a good glass of wine more than eau de cable TV star.

Ah, the sweet smell of Bravo is never far away. Let's hope this makes it to season three.
· Wine, Tapas, Festivity [EH Star]