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RackedWrap: Golden Pear Goes Vintage, NYFW, and More!

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1) The ever-ubiquitous Golden Pear is no longer content to be in the food and t-shirt business. It is now in the vintage t-shirt business. Get 'em while they're hot. [CurbedWire]

2) Hamptons Online wraps up the madness that was New York Fashion Week into one concise analysis of the best and worst shows. Written by a NYFW newbie, the surprise at show disorganization and the general uniform of all black is nothing short of charming. [Hamptons Online]
3) Bridgehampton's Bittersweet Interiors will close this week on Main Street. After 10 years, the home décor store will be selling its antiques and accessories on For much of the summer, the shop lived by the mantra (and poster in its window), 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. [Dan's Papers]

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