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Crime Alert: Thieves! Madoff's Aztec Porch Statue Missing

U.S. Marshals are beefing up security at Bernie Madoff's Montauk home, where a rusted, 4-foot tall Aztec sculpture was stolen from the porch sometime this week. The statue, valued at only $300, was the smallest in a group of three standing at the oceanfront home's front door - you know, to ward off evil, or something like that. A caretaker noticed that the piece had been lifted yesterday, and contacted police, who now believe that the 'openness' of the Madoff property may have to change, since the Aztecs weren't really doing the trick. Listing agency Corcoran has joined the fray and is trying to guilt the thief into returning the statue since 'stealing from the Madoff property is ...stealing from the Madoff victims'.
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