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'Rebellious Faction' Takes Down Westhampton Civic Group

Things are amiss in Westhampton after the Labor Day disbandment of the Greater Westhampton Dune Road Civic Association, or GWDRCA, as we shall call it from now on. To blame: a 'rebellious faction' of about 10 people in the 350 member group who were so unpleasant that the other GWDRCA members threw in the towel. Strength, this time, was not in numbers. The 'angry' outcasts took out the 49 year organization, which has spent much of its time working on quality of life issues for residents, over a banking dispute a few years back. The beginning of the end came about when the naysayers believed $15,000 had been stolen from the group bank account, something that was later disproved by an independent accountant and a proofreader, who realized the offending meeting minutes contained a typo. No matter, the rebels forced the aging group members to give up apparently by annoying them to (civic) death. GWDRCA, 1960-2009.
Photo courtesy WHB
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