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EaterHampton: Resto-Blogger Addresses His Challengers

In this week's episode of The Start-Up Chronicles by Bruce Buschel, the Times' blogger trying to open a fish-only restaurant in Bridgehampton by next spring takes it upon himself to answer some of the 82 commenters who weighed in on last week's tale. The highlights, below:

On waiter etiquette:

?Female servers who touch male patrons on the shoulder and sign their checks with their names and smiley faces make better tips than those who don’t (or male servers!). — Felicia D’Ambrosio Felicia,
Since Eve brushed Adam’s shoulder while serving him an apple, a male response to a female touch is a given. It’s not always constructive or kosher. May I suggest that excellent service of delicious food from the garden will also earn generous tips.

On Bridgehampton's taste in vegetables:

Here in Colorado he’d be without customers after 2 weeks. NO ONE goes to a restaurant without at least chicken on the menu. Organic vegtables or not, maybe Bridgehampton is that different? — Philip Philip,
Very different. We don’t dig Coors or give a hoot about Troy Tulowitzki.

On his cleaning practices:

To be an owner is to be the Janitor. Remember that. — toughen up Tough,
I am standing here with a mop in one hand and Spray Nine Adirondack Green Floor Cleaner in the other.

On priorities:

Go get ’em Bruce. Full speed ahead and stay true to your original vision. If your customers start demanding chicken and beef, then open another place! — Mr. Know It All Mr. K-I-A,
As Bob Marley said, one joint at a time.

On reaction to his endeavor:

I am in California. Wish you were here! — Antoinette Millar Antoinette,
After reading many of these comments, I wish I were there too.

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