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RackedWrap: Montauk Sale Explained, Mayfair Moves and More

1) Montauk's doomed Sidewalk Sale never saw the light of Labor Day weekend, and now, an explanation surfaces. As it turns out, the issue was never put to a vote due to some overwhelming complaining going on. According to the Town Councilwoman, 'I have received more e-mails on this issue than on the 24-percent tax increase and reassessment combined.' Down with shopping! [EH Star]

2) East Hampton's Mayfair Jewelers has shuttled down the road, moving from 73 Main Street to 19 Main Street. The new digs were once the home of Kristin Farrell Jewelry, a summer pop-up that has since popped down. No word on a new tenant for the old store. [CurbedWire]
3) The one and only Nacho Figueras made his TV debut on the season premiere of Gossip Girl last night. The rookie thespian played himself, and brought along the whole BlackWatch team in their full polo regalia to promote his budding Ralph Lauren empire. [NYM]