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Updates: Wainscott Hollow Manse Replaced By Lots o' Lots

The Wainscott developer involved in a bit of a tiff with neighbors is officially going the subdividing route, much to the other residents' pleasure. As it was reported at the end of last month, plans for a 14,000 square foot mansion on the 40 acre Wainscott Hollow parcel have been pushed aside, after neighbors complained that the area would become reminiscent of Sagaponack's potato fields. Conceding, developer Jeffrey Collé is now looking into dividing the land into four to seven plots, though his reps say 'a subdivision application was not imminent but could be considered in the future'. Collé found himself in this mess thanks to laws that come with supersized land developments. Normally, one only needs a building permit to build a house, but on lots larger than 10 acres, the planning board must be involved, and inevitably create some holdups. The 'sympathetic' owner of the $26 million property is 'open to suggestions', so to all you amateur architects, sharpen those pencils.
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