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EaterHampton: Blogger to Open BH Restaurant, Blog About It

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Yesterday, the Times' You're the Boss small business blog introduced The Start-Up Chronicle, a running account of opening a Bridgehampton restaurant, as seen by the owner. Said owner, writer Bruce Buschel, pens a mock interview with himself in the first post, proclaiming his intentions to open a fish-only restaurant to be completely 'nuts'. The witty restauranteur sets some lofty goals for his 'organic/nouvelle/locavore/fish' restaurant (n.b. no chicken), despite the fact that his chef, manager, maître d' and waitstaff don't exist yet. No bother, the projected opening date for this unnamed fish mecca is April 1. A few menu ideas are thrown around, including monkballs and spaghetti, tuna au poivre and a salmonburger, though it's clear Buschel's head is swirling with possibilities. The building is in place (see above), but the April Fool's Day unveiling is in jeopardy.

...every plan I have made over the last two years has been thwarted, perverted, altered or jettisoned, so I can’t really say. Nowadays, I make plans, commit to them, work toward them and totally detach from them. The Southampton Planning Board has taught me more about Buddhism by accident than the Dalai Lama did on purpose. Welcome to the neighborhood.
· Introducing Start-Up Chronicle: Are You Nuts? [NYT]