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EaterHampton: Fat Ass Fudge Proves Success is All in a Name

Locavores with a sweet tooth rejoiced this summer, as East Hampton's own Fat Ass Fudge became as ubiquitous on the East End as a cup of Golden Pear coffee. The locally-made fudge debuted this season, only to be found everywhere from farmers markets to benefits. East Hampton resident Donna McCue founded the company based on her family's Goat Milk Fudge recipes and dubbed it the same, loving nickname her siblings had given her, Fat Ass. Cue success! Made fresh twice per week in a local commercial kitchen, McCue now ships her four fudge flavors and other chocoholic offerings around the country. The fudge is sold at Lucy's Whey in East Hampton, the Clovis Point Winery, Gurney's Inn, Mary's Marvelous and c/o the Maidstone (in the mini bars). Up next: A Fat Ass Christmas collection, with possible flavors including Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint.
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