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Summer of Nacho: Saving Bloggers, One Car Ride at a Time

A heart-warming tale for a Friday afternoon: Perennial man-about-the polo-field Nacho Figueras can now add rescuer of bloggers to his resume. This Saturday, the face of Ralph Lauren stumbled upon a hapless group of polo-watchers who had taken a cab to the afternoon match, only to find themselves stranded among the divots when the crowds cleared out. The last man off the field, Nacho, of course, found the wheelless wonders at the Polo grounds' gate and offered them a ride back to town in his 'Audi SUV'. The group, which included one LA-based blogger who recounted this tale, thanked the man profusely and squeezed in next to his four-year-old daughter for a trip they would never forget. Not ending his tour of kindness there, Nacho gave the group his trophy (yes!) that he had won that day, after they told their genetically-blessed chauffeur how much they enjoyed the match.
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