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Curbed PriceChopper Update: Gere's Tushita Trust in Contract

[Photo courtesy S&A]
Back in June, Curbed PriceChopper investigated Richard Gere's Water Mill home, dba Tushita Trust. Chopped from $8.8 million to $7.2 million then, the home has now gone into contract for $6.5 million according to the Post. The final $2.3 million chop doesn't hurt Gere's return, since he paid a mere $2.7 million for the 5,500 square foot house at 70 Halsey Lane back in 2001. Though Tushita will be soon gone, the actor owns a waterfront home and three lots in North Haven, in addition to a home in Bedford and an apartment in Julian Schnabel's Tower of Terror in the West Village.
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