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EaterHampton: Nick & Toni's Success Result of its Parking Lot

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[Photos courtesy JetSet Report and Google Maps]
Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton hits up the Hamptons again this week, this time taking on tried and true Nick & Toni's and newcomer Mezzaluna Amg. First up, Nick & Toni's, which Sutton believes to have its best feature in the parking lot. Not that he didn't think the high-priced menu was 'decent', but the ease with which one can park his or her 'Ferrari' is what really gets him going.

Some Hamptons venues have insufficient lots, leaving you to park on unlit side streets while you use the glare of your mobile phone to ward off oncoming traffic. Nick & Toni’s has a big, roomy lot that permits the dying art of do-it-yourself parking. No valet will charge or solicit tips. That’s how we edged into a spot before it was taken by a bald guy in a Mustang convertible. He drove away in anger. And we parked our Chevy Malibu rental. When Sutton gets around to the food, he suggests the foie gras ravioli and an onion and corn side, but not before first lamenting about the nature of parking at restaurants in general. Reminiscing about last summer's El Chod one-season disaster, Kobe Beach Club, he notes the $20 valet fee is probably directly involved in its failure. Open since '88, Nick & Toni's parking lot will get him to return.

Farther east in Amagansett, or outside of Sutton's 'Hamptons' dividing line, Mezzaluna Amg. gets one of its first positive reviews. Despite prices that are a touch higher than the Upper East Side original, Amg. is praised for its healthy list of pasta and pizza, and its prevalent electric outlets. The blond-wood bar comes its own strip of outlets for all of your phone charging needs. Best on the menu at Mezzaluna were the 'Manhattan-worthy pastas' and the 17 pizza choices. And despite its lack of a parking venue, Sutton proudly recognizes the ease with which one can leave a car on the street in Amagansett.
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