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Proponents of 2003's 'Dunehampton' Make the News Again

Long before there was Curbed Hamptons, there was Dunehampton, a failed, Republic of Texas-like mission to incorporate some oceanfront property in Bridgehampton into its own village. The 2003 proposal by residents at the end of Ocean Road was inevitably shot down, but not without leaving scars on those who tried to cede from the Hamptons' Union. Now, the beach at the end of Ocean Road has garnered a controversy of its own, with Southampton town officials trying to figure out a way to deal with over-crowded parking spots and beachgoers who mooch off of the nearby Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club. Citing last summer's rip tides which caused 'several people' at the Ocean Road beach to be rescued by the neighboring club's lifeguards, the Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee is trying to appeal to the town to do something about the area in question. Bridgehampton had originally tried to incorporate itself (and solve this problem) when the Dunehampton crisis occured, but failed to get the plan off the ground. Now, six years later, Southampton has only pennies in the cashbox, and is looking for ways to deal with the issue without having more neighborhoods attempt a coup d'état. Share your suggestions, of course...
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