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Curbed PriceUpperChopper: Indecision in Bridgehampton

[The face of indecision; Photo courtesy Corcoran]
This South of the Highway home in Bridgehampton has taken an interesting approach to pricing since hitting the market in late 2008 - try them all! Starting its strategy in November with an asking price of $2.975 million, this 3,300 square footer has adjusted the numbers four times since then. In March, the listing saw an 6% up to $3.15 million and then another 4% up in June to $3.275 million. Not content, a chop came about in four days later bringing the price to $3.165 million. When that didn't do the trick, the price was upped once more this Saturday to $3.295 million, hopefully beginning a new cycle of monetary indecision, as the most recent choice is the highest yet. Unsurprisingly, price is not the only troubling issue for the home. StreetEasy lists the home as 'Bridgehampton in Water Mill', just to cover all of its bases.
· Listing: Bridgehampton South Retreat [Corcoran]
· Bridgehampton in Water Mill [StreetEasy]