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Sag Harbor's Ferry Road Condos May Never See Light of Bay

[Image courtesy SH Express]
Sag Harbor's Ferry Road condo development may have hit its final bump in the road, following a 'not compliant' decision by the town's building inspector. A newly revised village code is to blame according to project developers East End Ventures, who had hoped to build 18 luxury waterfront units with 18 adjacent boat slips. Among the inspector's laundry list of grievances, 'the proposed condo project includes units less than 3,500 square feet, while the code mandates a minimum of 7,260', buildings are three stories tall when then code allows for two, and the parking lot is short seven spots. Not done there, the Ferry Road plans lacks enough entrance and exit driveways and doesn't meet exterior lighting requirements.

Even if the project had complied with the new code, condo developments must now obtain a 'special exception permit' in order to be approved, something that will only be granted if the letter of the law is followed. Ferry Road isn't quite dead in the bay just yet, as East End Ventures is exploring its legal options. While the planning committee claims the new Sag Harbor building code has been in the works for sometime, a project manager at the company believes it may have been skewed towards preventing condos, citing the languishing Bulova Watch Factory project as an example.
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