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East End Goes Hollywood with New 'Hampton Star Map'

Today in entrepreneurial teenager news: A tipster has brought the Hampton Star Map to our attention, a fresh-off-the-streets-of-Hollywood approach to celebrity real estate. The map, offered for $7.95 on the HSM website, removes the shroud of secrecy from 67 celebrity homes and 'hotspots', all on a handy, working Streetwise map. Its intrepid inventor is none other than Carter Glatt, a 16 year old Horace Mann junior, who had the idea while visiting LA a few years back. Quoth Glatt: 'I realized that many of the celebrities also had homes in the Hamptons and the idea for the Hampton Star Map was born.' Though hefty hedges still stand in the way of total real estate stalkery, the map includes addresses for the likes of Tory Burch, Tom Wolfe, Robert De Niro and Steven Spielberg, just to name a few. Happy house hunting.
· Hampton Star Map [Official Site]