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RackedHampton: Super Twaturday, a Sale in Tweets

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[Feel the heat: A Twitpic courtesy of vendor/shopper Charlotte Ronson]
The 12th annual Super Saturday sale took place at Nova's Ark on a sweltering afternoon this weekend, melting shoppers and celebrities alike. Out to support a good cause, a small army of famous faces hit the tables to scope out designer goods at half-off. Among the crowd: hosts Donna Karan, Ariel Foxman, Kelly Ripa and Blake Lively, along with Lorraine Bracco, Tory Burch, Christy Turlington Burns, Judith Giuliani, Katie Lee Joel, Kelly Klein, Rihanna, Russell Simmons, Beth Ostrosky, Barbara Walters and Rachel Zoe and many more. As with all good sales, the tweets abounded. Here are a few of the front runners... (For more pictures and such, check out RackedWrap tomorrow.)

Rachel Zoe provides a concise recap:

BlogHamptons has some likely heat-induced credit issues:

Hampton Daze caravans eastward with its purchases:

Carson Griffith spends wisely on one of a kind items:

Charlotte Ronson plays double duty as shopper and vendor: