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That's Rather Hideous: A Most Bizarre Garage-Topper in WHB

While the modern home is often a welcome, creative contrast to the endless traditionals of the East End, there are occasions when creativity should be reined in. Exhibit A:
This thing, let's call it a garage-topper, which is blocking our view of a perfectly lovely $11 million house on Dune Road. The Westhampton Beach contemporary has been on the market for just under 3 months, and offers quite list of amenities aside from its carport crown. With 100 feet of ocean frontage, the views from inside the mostly glass house are rather spectacular, and the 7 bedrooms and 9 baths are accented with some surprisingly tame décor. The beachside of the house is downright pretty! Oh garage-topper, if only you weren't there.
· Listing: Westhampton Beach [Elliman]