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EaterHampton: FW: Rudest Service Ever at Copa Wine Bar

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Once again, we bring you the EaterHampton Complaints Department. Have some concerns about how long you waited for that table last night? Angry about the sketchy 'market price' attached to every $20 lobster roll? Witness some general Hamptons dining absurdities? We're here for you.

From: [an eater]
Date: Thursday, August 20, 2009
To: eaterhampton complaints dept.
Subject: Rudest service ever at Copa wine bar in Bridgehampton

After working in the restaurant business for over 15 years and eating out all over the world, I experienced the worst service ever last night. My friend and I decided to try Copa wine bar in Bridgehampton. We sat at the bar and a nice young lady started us off with a pitcher of sangria. We ordered a few tapas to begin and things were going well until the other male bartender took over. We wanted to order more and asked for suggestions, he told us everything was good. We asked a few specific questions and he said firmly "I've described five things to you already the chef is great and everything is good" In the meanwhile friends of ours arrived at the bar, they ordered two apps and one entree from the man. Their entree came first and their apps arrived more than 30 minutes later.

We decided to ask the girl for our check. We paid by credit card and left a cash tip which mysteriously disappeared. We asked the man and he said "there was never any money on the bar and he would roll the security video tape on us." We were shocked by his remark. Finally our friends decided to pay and leave after the horrible experience. When they asked for their check, the bartender told our checks were together and we explained to him we had already paid. He told us he needed to see our receipt to make sure we had paid. This was unreal, why wouldn't he ask the other bartender if we had paid, or check the computer system to see the credit card processed? I've never been treated so rudely in any restaurant and will never go back to Copa, Did they forget to train the staff in customer service???