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Top 10: Pop-Up Shops Getting Ready to Pack Up

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Welcome to the latest offering from the Curbed Hamptons Listage Department, where everyone loves a good countdown. Though we hate to admit it, Labor Day is rapidly approaching, and with the end of summer comes the dismantling of much of the East End's retail scene. In this episode, we take a look at our favorite top 10 pop-up shops getting ready to pop-down - thankfully, some stick around longer than you'd think!

10) Pop-Up: Hermes, East Hampton
Summer Story: 'Beachy' scarves and bags and some Zebra-emblazoned beach towels that just suited Main Street so nicely
Closing Time: Around September 20th

9) Pop-Up: T.B.D., Southampton
Summer Story: Depsite a late start, its hipster-chic goods definitely filled a Jobs Lane void
Closing Time: End of September

8) Pop-Up: Trina Turk, East Hampton
Summer Story: Prints galore, Turk has filled that wacky hole left by Betsey Johnson, who closed her shop around the corner a few years back
Closing Time: End of October

7) Pop-Up: Brooks Brothers, East Hampton
Summer Story: The Hamptons and Brooks Brothers, birds of a feather...BB plans to stick around until 2010
Closing Time: January 1

6) Pop-Up: TOMS, Montauk
Summer Story: With its first pop-up at the Solé East this summer, TOMS sold some canvas shoes and helped save the world
Closing Time: End of September

5) Pop-Up: Temperley, East Hampton
Summer Story: This high-end British offering didn't pop-up until midsummer, but sticks around through the fall for your shopping needs
Closing Time: Wisely, December...begin your Christmas list accordingly

4) Pop-Up: Michael Kors, East Hampton
Summer Story: Stocking the ultimate Hamptons-y wardrobe (for a price), Kors held its own on Main Street this year
Closing Time: Open after Labor Day, but closing date unknown

3) Pop-Up: Screaming Mimi's, Montauk
Summer Story: Back again, this vintage mecca has brought SoHo chicness to Main Street Montauk
Closing Time: Weekends only in the early fall, closing date unknown

2) Pop-Up: Steven Alan, East Hampton
Summer Story: Clothes, LINUS Bikes and the rest of the 'Bazaar' made Steven Alan's first Hamptons venture quite a success
Closing Time: Now, December! Holiday shoppers rejoice, again!

1) Pop-Up: Diane Von Furstenberg, Southampton
Summer Story: Open early and closing late, DVF seems to have struck gold with this Jobs Lane shop
Closing Time: Possibly sometime in October