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'Jean-Luc' Kleefield Arrested Again

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It's been some time since we've heard anything on the Jean-Luc front. For a while there, it seemed like Madame Tong's was functioning, and Grappa had perpetually set tables. JLX didn't appear to have anything going on, and Prime 103 was being taken over by its landscaping. There was a status quo. But now, thanks to a watchful tipster, we've come across these items buried in August the police logs.
August 5th:

Edmond H. Kleefield, 43, of New York City was charged by Sag Harbor Village Police with issuing a bad check, a misdemeanor, on August 2 after a former employee said that two checks totaling $2,200 written to him by Mr. Kleefield bounced. Mr. Kleefield was charged with similar violations in both Sag Harbor and Southampton Village in June.Today:

Edmond H. Kleefield, 43, of Sag Harbor was arrested on August 12 and charged with issuing a bad check, a misdemeanor, after the owner of the building that houses Mr. Kleefield’s restaurant, JLX Bistro, reported that a $12,000 rent check on the building Mr. Kleefield had given him had been returned for having insufficient funds.Oh Dear Lord, AGAIN?! Kleefield. Stop Writing Checks. Thanks, the Mgm't.
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