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In Listings: Joel Takes on Brinkley for the $30 Million+ Buyers

Since the end of their marital union in 1994, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley have bought and sold a hefty amount of Hamptons real estate. With yesterday's news that Joel is putting two Sagaponack homes on the market for a combined $35 million, Hangin' in the Hamptons is concerned that buyers may be forced to decide between the Piano Man and his Uptown Girl. It seems Brinkley's epic Tower Hill home in Bridgehampton is on the market for $30 million as well, creating a real estate Battle Royale from the pages of People Magazine.

The Good (Joel): It's two houses on the ocean, and the big one has a Jaws connection. Oprah's boy Nate Berkus did the interiors.
The Bad (Joel): The beach in front of the homes gets hit hard by storms, forcing occupants to occasionally build it back up with sand.
The Return (Joel): Both bought in 2007; the big house for $16.75 million and the bungalow for $11.6 million. Listed: $22.5 million and $12.5 million, respectively.

The Good (Brinkley): It has an 8-story tower! Seriously. You can see Connecticut from the top. Also it's 200 feet above sea level and was built in 1898 by 'local nobility' Dr. John Gardiner.
The Bad (Brinkley): Tower Hill has been on and off the market since 2002, never a good sign, and a 1998 reno gave it every modern amenity, but it's 2009.
The Return (Brinkley): Bought in the late '90s for $2,776,500. Listed: $30 million. Impressive.
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