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Pre-Destructoporn: Owner Unfazed By Collapsing EH House

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What's a little structural damage? Nada, according to the owner of this Route 114 home, who, despite paying his taxes in full on the property, won't respond to the Town of East Hampton's concerns about the state of things. The partial collapse of the second floor has prompted the Town Board to move to secure the property with a fence, and explore the possibility of condemning the home if they continue to receive no response from the owner, Ronald Brenhouse. Brenhouse, when reached in his New York City apartment, told Hamptons Online that he wasn't aware of any real safety problems, despite not visiting the home in the past 18 months.

The last time Brenhouse visited the property, which is not being used, he noticed there "were some things coming out," however he determined that the damage "was non-threatening," as it was merely insulation falling through. Friends and neighbors have since told him of the cave-in, which he believes didn't cause any 'irreparable damage' to the cars parked beneath. The only safety issue, according to Brenhouse, would be the dust from the fallen insulation, which could cause illness to someone with asthma.
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