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Tales of Two Brokers

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This week, the Star looks into that age old dichotomy between the super-broker and the sometimes-broker to discover new takes on the state of the market. On the super side, the one and only Gary DePersia brokerbabbles about all the things being done that signify a turnaround, and reveals that his fellow super comrades 'are finding it’s very busy right now'. On the sometimes side, Mitch Cogen, an agent with Atlantic Beach Realty in Montauk, reveals that he meets most of his clients 'while surfing, or during his night job as a bartender at the Sunset Saloon'. Cogen says 'I’ve got people that are looking in the fives, sixes, and sevens, and a group that’s looking in the ones, twos, and threes'. Both see the market as being 'out of the woods'. [EH Star]