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On the Auction Block: Madoff's Homes Looking for Brokers

The Post reports that Bernie Madoff's Montauk mansion will hit the auction block sometime in the near future, along with his Upper East Side penthouse and Palm Beach home. The US Marshals have posted a help wanted ad, looking for brokers to sell off the Madoff real estate fortune, with each home estimated at $7 million each. The Feds are looking for 'luxury home' experts who can 'maximize the proceeds of the sale of these properties and thus maximize return to the victims'. It seems the general public won't be getting too many details out of these deals, as qualifications for the gig include 'past high-profile or celebrity listings' and specifics on 'what you did to protect the privacy of your client'. A rundown of the applicants' '$4 million-plus listings in the past two years' is also required. No word on when the auctions will take place, but surely the broker wars have already begun.
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