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EaterHampton: Levain Bakery, Home of the $4 Cookie

The Times delved into the magical world of chocolate chip cookie baking over the weekend, checking out Wainscott's own Levain Bakery. The bakery's famous $4 cookies are not a case of Hamptons' price gouging, rather the weighty (6 oz.) pastries seem to be worth every penny to their fans. Levain has been a summertime staple on the East End for the past decade, as the outpost of the Upper West Side favorite only remains open through September. The cookies, which come in four flavors and fly off the counter, are accompanied by an assortment of breads and pizzas, as well as a Hamptons-only rustic fruit tart. The paper described the cookie as 'a meal in itself', meaning Levain's sweet treats may just be the best bang for your buck on the East End. Now, who wants a cookie?
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