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On the Waterfront: Ferry Road Condo Developers Sue Village

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East End Ventures, the company behind the recently squashed plans for a Ferry Road condo development, has filed a lawsuit against the village of Sag Harbor's board of trustees. The suit claims that newly-adopted zoning regulations, which rendered the developers' plans unacceptable, came out of 'a flawed environmental review'. The new code drastically changed what was possible to built on the Ferry Road property, and presented another bump in the road for East End Ventures, which has presented a number of plans for the site over the past two years.

While developers believe that the code was created just to prevent this specific condo plan, the board says that's just not so. A new code has been in the works for two years, which, according to Sag Harbor's mayor Brian Gilbride, would have been plenty of time for them to protest. It's not all bad news for EEV. Another condo project which was approved by the village is in 'the throes of construction' on West Water Street. Still, lawyers for the company say a civil rights suit against the village is also in the works.
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