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Off the Market: Amagansett Lanes Selling Like Hotcakes

Per an industry tipster: 'In the last few weeks 6 homes have gone to contract in the Lanes of Amagansett - fixer-uppers to McMansions'. We now dub this the Summer of Amagansett, as the Hamptons' newly-minted most expensive village is apparently a hotbed of real estate activity. Among the latest homes off the market, a $4.5 million 6-bedroom and a Steven Gambrel designed $3.75 million abode just off Further Lane.

Clockwise from left:
· 6,500 square foot 6-bedroom, built 2006; Listing price: $4.5 million
· 3,400 square foot 4-bedroom, off Further Lane; Listing price: $3.75 million
· 2,700 square foot 4-bedroom, short walk to beach; Listing price: $2.985 million
· 1,900 square foot ranch house, room for 6,000 sq footer; Listing price: $2.695 million
· 2,500 square foot 4-bedroom built in 1907; Listing price: $2.5 million
· 1,520 square foot 3-bedroom, just off Bluff Road; Listing price: $2.3 million
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