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In Hypothetical Listings: Plum Island, Lighthouse Included!

The East Hampton Star gets in on the hypothetical listing game today, with an article about the future plans for (alleged!) Montauk Monster home, Plum Island. The 843 acres of government owned land has a storied history, including time spent as a military fort during the Spanish-American War and as biological warfare research center. The government plans to shut down the island in the coming years as plans for a replacement animal disease research facility in Kansas are underway. Department of Homeland Security officials met with representatives from the town of Southold last week to discuss how the sale of the land might work. Nothing was decided, but the possibility of a future enclave on an island currently known for its animals with foot-and-mouth disease is far too good not to dream up.
· For Sale: 843 Acres, Waterfront, Stunning Vistas [EH Star]