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EaterHampton: Blue Sky Gets 'Sunny' Review from the Times

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[Photo courtesy Nicole Bengiveno via NYT]
Blue Sky got the Long Island Dining section once over this weekend, and the new Sag Harbor Mediterranean came away unscathed. Times reviewer Joanne Starkey was incredibly upbeat about the entire experience, exclaiming about 'sprightly vinaigrette' and 'superstar' shrimp whilst complimenting the 'sunny' service. We also learn that Blue Sky's chef and managing partner, Capri-born Giuseppe Desiderio, moved from Ed Kleefield's embattled Grappa across the street to take over the former Spinnaker's space this May, and now flits around the dining room as maître d'.

HITS - 'a spaghetti Bolognese that could hold its own anywhere'; almost all of the seafood dishes, especially tuna Provençal and the cod over lentils; house-made gelato

MISSES - an 'ordinary Sorrento pizzetta and the crab cake, with shredded rather than lump crab, were letdowns'; forgotten lemon sauce on a chicken dish; forgotten peppercorns with a steak; a 'chewy' apple tart with few apples
· Mediterranean Touch at Hamptons Newcomer [NYT]