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GymWars: (B)East Instigates the 'Big Hamptons Spin Scandal'

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The gym scene: An oft-unrecognized source of Hamptons' strife. Before now, the East End spinning competition had been limited to SoulCycle, a city transplant for 'Ladies Who Lunch', and Ride the Zone (née ZoneHampton), founded by a high-energy local. Enter (B)East: the bizarrely-named newest addition to the spin world, a studio opened this spring by a defector from RTZ. Social Workout reports that the latest Amagansett offering has seriously ruffled some well-toned feathers, as said defector imported 'RealRyder pivoting bikes' which were once exclusively pedaled at the Zone. 'TRAITOR' is the rally cry from RTZ fanatics, while others believe the move is simply just a case of bad karma. Whatever the repercussions, we implore our local spinners to please let us know if a spin-off occurs to settle this score.
· Defection Rocks Hamptons Spin Scene [Social Workout]