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EaterWrap: New Food in Montauk, Georgica Reviewed, More!

[There is no tweeting at Herb's Market in Montauk; Photo courtesy Flickr via @dens]
1) Montauk is getting in on the farmers market trend, aiming to start as early as next week. The Thursday morning market will set up at the St. Therese School grounds just off Main Street, and vendors will include local fishermen from the village and 'Rita Foster of Rita’s Stables, who started growing organic vegetables this year'. [EH Press]

2) Also new to Montauk: Kahuna's Ice Cream, which opened its freezers last weekend. Created by a former contractor with a love of the East End's surfing scene, Kahuna's will feature ice cream, smoothies and ices for the surfers and non-surfers among us. [Dan's Papers]
3) New restaurant and lounge Georgica gets a good review from Dan Rattiner & Co. this week, who seem just as impressed with the 'à la Ralph Lauren' décor as with the food. Vital note: a chef's menu with wine pairings should be coming soon, and, according to the reviewer, not soon enough. [Dan's Papers]
4) Ahh, what recession? Merkato 55 spawn Day & Night reportedly had it's biggest weekend ever over the holiday. One bill alone gauged $45,000 spent on Saturday afternoon. [NYO]