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Sweet Home Montauk: Summer Concerts May Return in 2010

Arthur Schneider, owner of Montauk’s famed Memory Motel, is on a mission to bring summer concerts back to his village. A decade after the Paul Simon-helmed 'Back at the Ranch' series ended, (mostly due to parking concerns), Schneider is vying for permission to start an 'At the Stabes Concert Series' next year. His hope to raise money for Montauk by bringing the likes of 'Willie Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Billy Joel' to the fields of Rita's Stables will be decided on in August by a Citizens Advisory Committee that has already shot down one of his earlier proposals. Rita Foster, owner of the 18 acres slated for the benefit, is rather ambivalent about the whole thing, telling the Press, 'if I get a certain amount of money, I’ll let him use the land'. How kind of her. Schneider believes he can raise around $1 million for the village, citing ticket prices from $225-$3,500 and corporate sponsorships.
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