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Protest$: 'Frightening' Dollar Sign Branded on EHHS Field

An angry East Hampton tax payer has taken to the town high school's football field to protest what he or she deems as frivolous spending in a new $79 million expansion project. The East Hampton High School grounds crew discovered a giant dollar sign burned into the synthetic field over the weekend, along with a five-page letter left at the scene calling for the removal of the school board. A second copy of the letter was sent to the East Hampton Star, which detailed the long history of the board's financial disputes and claimed that recent decisions had 'endangered' children.

Despite being signed with the always friendly, 'Love, Anonymous', the letter called for continued action, saying 'when injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.' The injustice-fighting dollar sign should be cleaned in the coming weeks at an unknown cost. A previous act of football field vandalism last October, the all too common 'giant penis', cost tax payers $40,000 to remove.
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