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Albany's Chaos Threatens to Take Down East Hampton

[Somewhere in those books is the key to East Hampton's financal future; Photo courtesy NYDN]
Albany's daily shitshow of legislative non-meetings is now taking down small, financially struggling towns like East Hampton. Following the arrest of the town's account and a continuing investigation into exactly why a $15 million deficit will be posted for 2008, the coup d'état upstate is causing even more trouble. The State Legislature was set to approve said deficit following the New York State Assembly's approval in early June, but not much has happened in the capital of late, leaving East Hampton in financial limbo. Town Supervision William McGintee, always thinking, had this to add: 'We’re well over the $250,000 budgeted for beach sticker fees, we can use the extra to hire an accountant.'
· State Gridlock Adds Urgency to Fixing East Hampton's Finances [EH Press]