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That's Rather Epically Hideous: The Technicolor Dreamhouse

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Sometimes, one has to nitpick around a listing to notice the rather hideous furnishings, artwork or architectural choices that banish a home to this type of post. This particular East Hampton house took none of that fastidious searching, simply a set of working eyes did the trick. Tucked in the Northwest Woods, this 'synthesis of architecture, art and science' has been on the market for well over a year, now listed at $4 million following a $1.5 million chop last week. Attributed to the 'world-renowned team Arakawa + Gins', the home advertises itself as 'the first time in human history' it is entirely possible to live in a sculpture. We must ask: At what point in history did we humans ever express a desire to live in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom foam sandbox scuplture?
· Listing: Between Art and Architecture [Sothebys]
· 113 Springy Banks Rd in East Hampton [Street Easy]