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Crime Alert: Smashed Mailboxes Tied to ... Kids, Boredom

[This is what happens when you take kids out of the classroom; Photos courtesy Dan's Papers]
Crime sprees in the Hamptons are apparently incredibly predictable these days, as Dan Rattiner reports that the Springs is seeing a rash of vandalism on the first nights of East Hampton High School vacations. (Predictable in that this has happened twice, but a pattern, nonetheless.) The biggest targets seem to be mailboxes, but cars and windows don't get away unscathed. The first attack came following the start of Spring Break, when 20+ cars and homes around East Hampton were vandalized, including two cars which were a total loss. In late June, the night summer vacation began, '10 mailboxes, three cars and two store windows' were taken out. No suspects were ever arrested, according to East Hampton Town Police. Curbed Hamptons Crimestoppers would like to suggest that the police blanket the area come Columbus Day weekend, or threaten to do away with school vacations all together.
· Second Wave of Street Vandalism Hits Here [Dan's Papers]