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It Happened One Weekend: Bon Jovi Sings at the Parrot, More!

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[It Happened on Saturday, Bon Jovi Sings at the Parrot; Photo courtesy HuffPo]
1) Nothing if not a gracious host, (rumored) investor Jon Bon Jovi serenaded diners and drinkers at the Blue Parrot on Saturday night. His impromptu 4th of July jam sesh came complete with rousing renditions of 'Who Says You Can't Go Home', 'Free Bird' and 'Dead or Alive' to flabbergasted taco-eaters. God Bless America. [HuffPo]

2) Southampton's Fourth of July Parade continued its tradition this year, marching from the train station to Agwam Park on Saturday morning. This year's parade judges included Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani and his wife, Judith, who rode in the a patriotically decked out convertible, and encountered much less controversy than the last time they ventured out on the town. [Hamptons Online]
3) Apparently, Twilight stars have an affinity for our fair shores. Teen heartthrob Kellan Lutz showed up to a Social Life Magazine Gatsby-themed soirée this weekend, making him the second vampire to visit the East End in two weeks. [BlogHamptons]
4) As expected, Amagansett's Mezzaluna Amg. didn't get it's doors open for the holiday weekend. Despite a tweet @curbedhamptons about the possibility of pizza in the oven, further investigation deemed that not to be the case. And the wait continues... [Twitter]

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