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The Little Restaurant That Could: Madame Tong's Reopens

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Despite being recently seized, Madame Tong's managed to open it's doors for the weekend, following a take-over con Wednesday by New York State for failure to pay taxes. Owner Ed 'Jean-Luc' Kleefield had the keys to the Southampton restaurant returned to him on Thursday, after proving to the government that Madame Tong's had already filed for bankruptcy. A sigh of relief for cash-poor Kleefield, whose court battles and front-lawn fights have grabbed endless headlines this summer. Elsewhere in his shrinking empire of Hamptons eateries, Sag Harbor's Grappa managed to continue its tradition of being sporadically open this weekend, while JLX didn't live up to Kleefield's promise of a July 4th launch. Maybe next weekend...
· Madame Tong's Opens for Holiday Weekend [SH Press]