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EaterHampton: Montauk BeverageWorks Brews Localish Tea

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[Image courtesy Montauk BeverageWorks]
Per a tipster: 'Just had this tea for the first time and it's delicious'. Our tea-loving reader has introduced us to the brand new Montauk BeverageWorks, an iced tea-making company was founded last year by Long Island native Raymond Smyth. Smyth began distributing his first two flavors of tea earlier this month after a year of brewing, deciding on Black Tea with Lemongrass and Roobois Honey Mango Tea as his initial offerings. Now sold in about 20 stores between Westhampton and Montauk, the company was named for the hours Smyth has spent driving Montauk Highway in search of new points of sale. That said, Montauk BeverageWorks has been unable to keep the drink completely local. A 'lack of tea leaves' on the East End has forced Smyth to outsource the bottling of the drink to Pittsburgh, the nation's tea capital. Smyth's one-man show has yet to turn a profit in his one month of sales, but he is optimistic about the future and hopes to introduce new flavors in the coming months. It's on, Nantucket Nectars.
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